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    Them & Us – Early A...

    9 September 2018 , by Yoshida

    Hi, We are quite happy knowing people enjoyed our free demo and got more interest in this project. Because of this we would like to announce that we want our community to involve more in our project. Them & Us is now on steam early access. You can now test the game and send your suggestions and feedbacks while we... Read more

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    Epic Games – spotlighted...

    30 September 2015 , by Yoshida

    We are happy to know that Epic Games has spotlight us, and catches there interest in the game we are developing. Epic Games was in our hearts from the day Unreal 1 game was release back in 1998 and it always be. I even now remember myself back in 1997 (that was 18 years ago) when I was traveling to... Read more

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    Moving to Unreal Engine 4

    12 May 2015 , by Yoshida

    Hi everyone, we just want to let you know all that we have moved the project on the Unreal Engine 4. For other news please check our facebook page, like us or just book us for future updates.https://www.facebook.com/tendogamesstudio Bellow you can see a few work in progress screenshots: Cheers,Tendogames team Read more

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    March 2015 update

    12 March 2015 , by Yoshida

    Hi everyone,Two more month have passed. But the team did not sit around. Please welcome our new talented 3d environment artist, Eprdox, he has been working very hard creating a few main assets for the game. George has started to work on the zombie female class, yes that is correct, we will have female zombies as well. Also, Vlad decided... Read more

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    Resident Evil 2 – remake

    27 January 2015 , by Yoshida

    Our lead programmer “Rod Lima” has done a complete run of the famous oldschool Resident Evil 2 game done & released by CAPCOM industry in the year 1998.Rod, has done a so called by people “HD remake” editing different assets from capcom games, but fully programming the game from scratch, and fully level building the whol... Read more

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