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We are TendoGames, a group of game developer working full time in the video game industry while working on our first game title Them & Us.

About Us:

We are veteran game developer working for various video game companies around the globe.
With experience more than 13 years in game industries.

Our Team:

Vlad Yoshida: Project Lead, Art Director
Rodrigo Lima: Main Programmer, Engine generalist
Radek Vohnou: Environment Artist
Tihomir Hristozov: Sound Music Composer

Additional Support Team:

George Merloiu: Character Artist
Gurch Singh: Concept Artist
Kurt: Story Artist

Our Goals:

Our main goal is to publish our first game title and continue creating high quality games. We want to craft high quality creative, innovative video game with excellent storytelling and share it with players all around the globe.
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