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sitelogoroundTendoGames was founded in the year 2014, Oct of 24 by Yoshida Vlad known for his work at Ubisoft and AMC Pixel Factory, and for the work done to Trion: Rift, Capcom: Dead Rising 3, Call of Duty Ghosts and other titles, and also known in the past for his level designing works and in the present for his 3D modelling work. Known also as the award winner of different realistic portraits and works, that were displayed in museum, magazines and over the web.

Now united with other 4 professional artists and one very good programmer, each one of us having more than 5 years experience in our work domain, we gathered together to create our first game “Them & Us” an original story, horror video game.

Tendogames is not an official company located in one place at the moment, and a group of people from different countries, working together creating our first game Them & Us. We work based on royalty and enjoyment.  http://www.indiedb.com/company/tendogames

The tendogames name stands for “heavenly way” in Japanese, it can also mean “10 do” games in English. The Chinese symbol 天 known as kanji, in Japanese it means heaven/sky. On top of it it stands the G form like a crown of angel. If you cut the mountain  /\ from the kanji you will have the T alone. Together they form the symbols TG that stands for tendogames.



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