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For a friendly community we advice you to respect this rules. Not abiding this rules may get your account deleted / banned.  


– No swearing.
– No flaming.

– No inappropriate content (PG-18+).

– No warez discussion or posting.
– No advertising.

– No spamming
– Try to be friendly and helpful.


Important notes:

– Avatars are not to exceed 120×120 and 40KB.
– Signs are not to exceed 500×120 and 80KB.

– attachment like pictures or files should not exceed 700 Kb, even if is set to 1 Mb, you will get an error under your attachment.

– all pictures attached with the [IMG] tag, that exceed 100kb  are scaled automatic to 800px in width thumbnail for a beautiful display of all the comments. To view the img in full size click the image and than > view image

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