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Why work for us?

TENDO Games is an indie team currently developing the video game, Them & Us. We are a team of young people passionate by video games and by art.
If you join us, you will have the opportunity to work in a team of young people of professional artists and designers, you will have the comfort to work from your home.

What we are looking for?
1. Serious people to work with, developers exited to work for Them & Us game, candidates that likes to create games and like games. All the people we are working with, are people dedicated to the game we are making.

2. Experienced artists, to create high quality assets, and a great game. Candidates should expect to take a small offsite test.

3. Individuals dedicated to the project, we ask you to be able to put at least 10 hours of work effort in a week, that will be like 2h a day to be able to progress with the work of the game we are doing.

We are a small team of game developers looking for volunteers for our current project.

Right now the game is in early access and all the proceeding received from early access “that currently is extremely small” went to development specifically in (Programming the Game). We cannot offer monetary rewards right now but we are offering royalties once the game releases end of this 2019 year.

We hope this situation will change once we start updating the game to our customers and supporters, so we can pay you even if the game is in Early Access.

Game Writer

1. You will be in charge of writing all the files and documents that tell the story of the world around the main plot of “Them – and – Us”.
2. Work with game designers to author character dialogue that supports game design goals while staying on-brand.
3. Create titles and descriptions for items and main objects in the game that are evocative of their function in game.
4. Review and update existing scripts as necessary, and understanding the effect those updates have on the game narrative as a whole.
5. Ensure that all narrative reference documents are up to date and clear.
6. Understand the gameplay elements and assess how they could affect the development of the story.

1. At least 1 year of professional experience in script-writing or relevant experience. Or 3 years of writing books, novels.
2. Understanding of Narrative game design and the role that dialogue and text have on player experience.
3. Enthusiasm for old school games such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil is required.

Professional writing samples are required for consideration.

If you would like to be considered for possible job openings please send your resume at jobs@tendogames.com

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