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    Indie Of The Year 2014

    2 December 2014 , by Yoshida

    We are pretty much preparing for Christmas with our new update on the game so please stay with us for a little longer to see what we bring you. The IndieDB Indie of the year 2014 has started. We know we are new but if you would like to support our game, by voting for Them & Us please click...

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    The survivor

    1 November 2014 , by Yoshida

    This is going to be our main character. For now she is going to wear 3 different cloths. Stay 2nd for more info on that later. This character is currently in development by Vlad, the model is still in the highpoly sculpting stage and is not completed yet.     Click for full view  

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    First zombie

    1 November 2014 , by Yoshida

    As the title says this is our first zombie in development by George. The work is still in development, this is only the zbrush sculpt with a little polypaint, but it looks like he did a really nice job so far. Let’s wait more.      

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    The butcher

    1 November 2014 , by Yoshida

    This is an old character that is going to be changed better soon, maybe we can turn him into something new later.  For now we’ll post it here for media display.  

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    30 October 2014 , by Yoshida

    Welcome to the tendogames.com website, we would like to welcome everyone with our very first post. Right now there is not much to update since we just started working on our first video game about less than a week ago. The game is called Them & Us, a third person view survival horror video game.   We are 6 people...

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