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The name refers to Them as infected & Us as the survivors.
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Genre: Survival horror zombie game
Gameplay: Singleplayer (co-op later)
Game Type: Third person view / Old school camera view
Controller: full support
Platform: PC, for now

Voice & Subtitles: English / Japanese


You play as a convict female named Alicia Wallace, who once lived a happy life as a veterinarian.

In the winter of 1973, she was arrested suddenly.

Five Years has passed and now she is living amongst other criminal and thieves far from the outside world.

It is August 1978 when she is transferred to another prison alongside other criminals.

Little did she know of what lay ahead, rather than finding herself in prison she is caught in a nightmare, where only the strong can survive?

Will our young protagonist be tough enough to survive this new nightmare?

To sum up, our protagonist has survived more than 5 years in the prison, disconnected from the outside world. Until one day everything changes for the worst.

“Kill or be Killed” is the rule she has to live by now. She struggled in the post-apocalyptic world filled with sick, mad and mutated people known as “Them”, that is out to kill her.

We do not want to reveal the game further, but we can say that the action will mainly be held in a huge architectural building with locked doors, full of terror, gore and hungry monster. There will be many other locations like crypts, tombs, dark corridors and other places. We want to design as many as possible to bring satisfaction and fear into the player. The game will include a special mystery boss, which will keep our protagonist busy along the game.

All we can say; he is neither a zombie nor human. But one thing for sure is he’s out to kill you!

And why Alicia was arrested you ask? That is for you to find out along the game.

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