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Why work for us?

TENDO Games is an indie team currently developing the video game, Them & Us. We are a team of young people passionate by video games and by art. If you join us, you will have the opportunity to work in a team of young people of professional artists and designers, you will have the comfort to work from your home.

What we are looking for?

1. Serious people to work with, developers exited to work for Them & Us game, candidates that likes to create games and like games. All the people we are working with, are people dedicated to the game we are making.
2. Experienced artists, to create high quality assets, and a great game. Candidates should expect to take a small offsite test.

Currently we are not hiring

Currently we are not hiring at this time and have no open positions. However we still accept resumes and they will be kept on file.
If you would like to be considered for possible job openings please send your resume at jobs@tendogames.com
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