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Welcome to the Tendogames: Them and Us Press page. Here you should find any info you might need to post articles or get more informed about our game project. If you need any additional information posted to this page or would like anything provided in a different format, let us know and we’ll make it available.

Fact Sheet

Developer: Tendogames
Location: Yokohama, Japan
Release Date: 8 Sep, 2018 (PC Steam Early Access)


Steam PC

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 3

Rating: Mature Audiance (Violence, blood and full gore.)

Press Contact: contact@tendogames.com

Social: Website, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Steam, indiedb, itch.io

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Game Description

Them and Us is an innovative survival shooter that combines elements of both old school survival horror combined with the capabilities of modern day gaming engines to bring you an unforgettable gameplay experience. Unlike most modern day zombie-horror based games, Them and Us stands apart from others in the genre because of it’s unique story approach based off of real historical research blended with modern day occultist beliefs to provide a disturbingly real atmosphere. Along with an immersive story and gameplay, we bring back aspects of gameplay that most modern games have done away with, like hard save areas, challenging in-game puzzles, unpredictable enemies, changeable camera schemes and item resource management. Not only will you need to be smart and resourceful to survive, you must also be aware of your actions in game, as the game has four different endings depending on decisions you make in the game. Unlike other games, we do not hold your hand through the journey, you must rely entirely on your resourcefulness and quick reflexes in order to survive.


The year is 1978. A lone bus, a terrible crash, out upon the old and winding dirt roads which skirt a vast American wilderness. A survivor. A young woman, her mind scarred by a life of tragedy, her name is Alicia. She is alone. She is injured. Around her, quietly, slowly, a surreal and deadly nightmare unfolds.
Fighting for her life, Alicia finds herself in the midst of events she does not understand- a "change" taking grip on the world around her. It’s nature, it’s cause? unknown.
As night descends, she pushes further into the unknown - Will she survive? Will you?

Fighting for her life, Alicia she finds herself in the midst of events she does not understand- a ‘change’ taking grip on the world around her. It’s nature, it’s cause, unknown.

As night descends, as she pushes further into the unknown - Will she survive? Will you?



- Fixed camera with tank and alternate control schemes.
- Third person view with over-the-shoulder aim
- Selected first-person POV for flashbacks, cutscenes, etc.
- Extra game content.


- Post-process effects (bloom filters, god rays, etc.) added for increased immersion.
- Crisp graphics with a 60 FPS default. If you experience performance issues, please update your video drivers.
- Optional reversion to first-gen console graphics. Retro mode also triggers fixed camera play for greater challenge.
- Display modes can be switched during gameplay in real time.


- Realistic damage and dismemberment systems with accompanying gore.
- In-world puzzles featuring ciphers and keys.
- Resource management for true survival horror.
- Advanced crafting for weapons and in-world items.
- Flashbacks that drive both story progression and character leveling.

Discover the truth of Alicia’s past as she descends further into her strange, unending nightmare.

Game Screenshots


Download all pictures and logo: https://www.tendogames.com/press/downloads/presskit.zip

Monetization Permission

Tendogames, allows for the contents of Them and Us to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Them & Us is legally & explicitly allowed by Tendogames. This permission can be found in writing at:


About Us:

We are a team of passionate and hardworking individuals who all share a deep interest in video games and the art of developing them. Our dream is to share our game with people around the world.

About company name and logo:

The tendogames company name stands for “angel or heavenly way” in Japanese, it can also mean “10 do” games in English.


Vlad Yoshida - CEO / Project Manager / CG Generalist

Rodrigo Lima - Programmer ( my works)

Radek "Eprdox" Vohnout - Environment Artist ( my works )

Shadrick Beechem - Writer

Tihomir Hristozov - Sound Artist & Music Composer

Addition support Team:

George Merloiu - Character Artist

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