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We are happy to know that Epic Games has spotlight us, and catches there interest in the game we are developing. Epic Games was in our hearts from the day Unreal 1 game was release back in 1998 and it always be. I even now remember myself back in 1997 (that was 18 years ago) when I was traveling to school reading all the time about upcoming game Unreal 1, better than Quake 2, and I couldn’t wait to put my hands on it, so much. And you have no idea how much this means to me, and to us.

You can check us out here at (11:05) as well as other great games reviewed by Epic Games team:


Also recently we had the pleasure to be interviewed by “ninetyvi”, a new upcoming community for gaming. We would like to thank them for being so nice writing an article about Them & Us on their website!

Now we would like to invite anyone to read it if you want to know more info about the game we are doing, and how everything started up:


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Steam Greenlight

The TU team would like to “thank you” to everyone that voted, added us to favorites, or just visited our page. Them & Us is now *Greenlight* by the community:


The voting rate was 58% Yes / 35% No and 6% Ask me later.

Even if we didn’t show you much Gameplay, or told you much about the game we are developing, we are happy to see your interest in Them & Us.

We are preparing now to move the game towards STEAM.

Thank you to everyone once again!

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