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Hi everyone,
Two more month have passed. But the team did not sit around.

Please welcome our new talented 3d environment artist, Eprdox, he has been working very hard creating a few main assets for the game.

George has started to work on the zombie female class, yes that is correct, we will have female zombies as well.

Also, Vlad decided to start level designing again, after 11 years, that’s right, creating a level design to show you that we don’t have only have game ideas, we also can put things in action.
It been long from the time he didn’t made any level designs, so he is a bit rusty in this field.

Shots from the level, and the horror that awaits our protagonist.

Please note the UDK statue is just a holder, it will be replaced later by something very beautiful, but we want to keep it secret! Also big thanks to Arkadius, and Loading for the nice assets like, gate, trash, bench, wall lamps, that helped the level shine more.

Also Vlad did some 3d animations to Alicia, you can see here:

Now we have a new 3d animator in the team, doing some animations for the main character. Stay 2nd for some new & better animations later. We still need 2 more animators to rig and animate the female zombie so we can put this dear inside the game, but they will come in time, we hope.

Last of not least our programmer Rod Lima, made some very nice additions to the game, like placing the character inside the game, adding flashlights, and recently the first enemy. See here:

As an addition to the game we are making, we are going to bring you the old school jump scarred camera into the game, not only the 3rd perspective view.
Player can select the gametype he/she wants, after finishing the game.

Here is a demonstration:

We look forward to hear from you what kind of style you like best?

Well perhaps this will be our last news for now, please wait for us to release a demo for kickstarter, and support the project, so we can continue working and working.

Best Regards from,
Tendogames team

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